Own Manufacturing Unit

We have our own manufacturing unit in Baddi (Solan) - Himachal Pradesh. Our manufacturing facility is WHO - GMP approved and has modern manufacturing machines. We are offering 1000+ pharmaceutical formulations to suit a wide range of pharma company and healthsector requirements. We have invested a huge amount of our revenues into the setup of high class international level quality systems. We welcome all those from pharma industry who are either pharma professionals, pharma distributors or marketing companies who want toe get the product manufactured under their brand name and company name. We can deliver you a wide range of pharmaceutical tablets, capsules, gels, syrups, paediatrics, sachets, injectables, ayurvedic and herbal prodcuts.You can be in touch with us to know about our existing satifsfied pharma clients with successful business in different parts of India.


Third Party Manufacturing

We are offering high quality products through our Third party Manufacturing Services to a number of pharmaceutical companies who needs to outsource their manufacturing requirements. If you are having a good market hold and can get more customers then it is always advisable to focus on client generation and take advantage of Contract Manufacturing services from a reputable pharma company like Angiolife Healthcare. We have highly automatic and advanced manufacturing machines and processes. We have our own manufacturing unit in Baddi which is GMP WHO approved. We source our ingredients and APIs from a high quality, reliable vendors which are in long term association with us. Our products pass all the quality parameters under strict guidelines. We provide a wide range for manufacturing services and can handle any production requiremnts be it small batch size or huge production lots. We are well equipped and have highly qualified staff with long experience in the pharma sector.

Kindly contact us for your requirements to enable us to give you our best rates.

Success in contract manufacturing is lead by factors such as product quality, cost competitiveness, delivery schedule and CM/Customer relationship.

In today's competitive environment, the contract manufacturing business is quite challenging The development of new components and technologies demands high capital investment and specialized resources. The increasing complexity of pharmaceutical products has phased out manual operating methods and forced manufacturers to utilize hi-tech automatic manufacturing techniques. This works out to be more cost-effective for them since their internal resources can be focused on more important aspects of business such as product development and marketing. This trend has led to a boom in a phenomenon called contract manufacturing (CM). The CM business in the field of pharmaceutical is growing rapidly worldwide, and is expected to further accelerate at a very robust rate over the next five years. Globally. It has been observed that production equipment being used by different manufacturers is quite similar. In manufacturing, much of the cost competitiveness comes from the manufacturing process yield. This yield can be increased through an accurate control and handling of the manufacturing equipment, careful selection of materials and their proper handling on the product line. In other words, the manufacturing process yield depends on the knowledge of the production process expertise, and how well they are able to motivate and educate production operators.

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