Angiolife Healthcare provides quality medicines at affordable prices. Its product portfolio contains a wide range of products within all major therapeutic areas. Since its inception, Angiolife Healthcare has developed the platform and know-how to participate in and to be an integral part of all major steps of the value chain in the offering of generic pharmaceuticals. With the vision of offering quality pharmaceuticals at prices affordable to all, we have to be innovative and at the same time cost-efficient in all stages. This includes operational excellence in departments such as product development, quality assurance, pharmacovigilance, IP and supply chain as well as marketing and sales.


Efficient Marketing Organization.

Angiolife Healthcare   establishment model is based on organic growth, with a clear focus on a specific market segment.  Angiolife Healthcare enters the new market by introducing a limited product portfolio customized for local customer demands. The aim is then to gradually advance and capture a significant market share and increase the product range. By offering affordable premium generics on a consistent basis, Angiolife Healthcare is able to build strong and lasting customer relationships.

The structure for financing and purchasing medicines varies from country to country and not only determines the degree of generic penetration on the market in question but also the choice of marketing model for optimization of the market potential.

Angiolife Healthcare marketing organisation has created a strong platform on the Asia market In-depth knowledge of each specific market is a prerequisite for successful optimization of the product offering and choosing the marketing model best suited for each country.

Public tender procedures, in which competing offers from different generic pharmaceutical companies are generated, have been used for a long time in India and south Asia and, of late, tender procedures for pharmaceuticals have also become increasingly common on other European markets. With its relevant and valuable experience from India , Angiolife Healthcare   is actively seeking to participate in these new market opportunities. By securing volumes from tender procedures, Angiolife Healthcare   is creating important platforms for growth in Asia.Thanks to our experience, flexibility and efficient organization, the company is able to introduce new products on the market quickly and to react effectively to market changes. Speed to market is a major competitive advantage, since the period of time in which the product can be sold is exploited to the full, at the same time as we become established as the main supplier of the specific product to wholesalers and other customers.

Angiolife Healthcare hopes to be one of the most progressive Pharmaceutical companies in an industry which is undergoing major changes.


Product Selection

Angiolife Healthcare has a well-established selection process for identifying products that meet the internally established criteria for each product category. Apart from blockbuster products, where patents are due to expire, Angiolife Healthcare also seeks out new products within more niche-oriented areas and in segments which consist of complex formulations or where the products are of particular strategic interest for the company.

Investing in the right products is essential for sustainable long-term sales growth. Angiolife Healthcare   therefore attaches great importance to the process of selecting new products. Prior to each new product investment, Angiolife Healthcare  conducts thorough commercial and technical analyses which take into consideration the earnings potential of the product, the development and registration costs in each relevant market, and any technical and quality aspects of the product.

As a result, the product portfolio comprises a broad range of high-quality medicines within major therapeutic areas.


First-class supply chain

Most of Angiolife Healthcare   products have market approvals that are based on the same formulation and manufacturing specifications, which facilitates the coordination of production for supply to all of Angiolife Healthcare markets. The company collaborates with several strategic manufacturing partners based in India for the manufacturing of its products and we are constantly working to ensure that our products are manufactured with the highest quality and at competitive prices. Optimizing lead times, supply planning, manufacturing, logistics, quality assurance and distribution are fundamental aspects of the company's competitiveness on each market.



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Angiolife Healthcare

Angiolife provides quality Medicines at affordable prices.


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The Angiolife spirit is grounded on cost-consciousness, the willingness to assume responsibility and on innovative simplicity.

Mission & Vision

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Angiolife 2020 is the name we have given to the growth strategy we have developed for the coming decade.